Will the trimmer work on my body?

If you have a body, the trimmer will work! While features and design were specifically chosen to work in difficult to reach and see areas like the vulva, if your anatomy is different, the trimmer is still safe and effective.

 How do I use the trimmer?

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We recommend using the trimmer on dry skin and hair. Water will not harm the device, but best results are seen when coarse hair stands up while being trimmed (this is achieved by using on dry hair!). For easy clean-up, consider using it in the shower or tub.

 Can I use the trimmer on all body areas?

We do not recommend using the trimmer anywhere else if you are using it for pubic hair, due to the specific microbiome of different parts of the body. Using the trimmer in multiple regions could introduce bacteria to places it normally would not live!

 Does the trimmer help prevent irritation like ingrown hairs and razor burn?

Yes! Trimming hair rather than shaving or removing hair from the pore will help to prevent all types of irritation.

Will the trimmer work on sensitive skin?

Yes! The trimmer blades glide over skin and should not irritate even sensitive skin. Please take care to not press the blades into the skin, as this could cause irritation or discomfort.

Will the trimmer work on coarse hair?

Yes! The trimmer is designed to work on pubic hair which is generally coarse.

 How much is shipping?

Free! Right now, we only ship to customers in the US.

 What is Rayna’s return policy?

If you are not happy with your product, you may return it for a full refund to the original payment method. Reach out to hello@shoprayna.com for any additional questions regarding product and returns.

 How do I give my feedback?

We’ll send you a few short surveys to get your feedback. This is a super important part of our product development, and we appreciate your help!

 Why can’t you ship outside of the US?

We’re working on it! Right now, regulations for shipping lithium batteries are holding us up.