200+ Womens' Feelings About Their Pubic Hair

200+ Womens' Feelings About Their Pubic Hair

Yes, of course we went there.

When we set out to fix the problem of grooming your pubes being a miserable chore, we needed to make sure we weren’t the only people that felt so negatively about the products and options available.

So, we asked over 200 women how they managed their pubic hair, and more importantly, how they felt about it.

Here’s what we found:

  • 85% of our 200+ respondents groom their pubic hair. That's right - the overwhelming majority of women groom their pubes in some way. 

  • 64% trim every time they groom - but they are using the wrong tools for the job (like, kitchen scissors, leg razors, beard trimmers, and even nail clippers). Almost nobody reported having a dedicated trimmer. 

  • Only 10% are satisfied with their current routine. 90% of the women in our survey felt there was room for improvement…we agree!

We don’t need to settle! This is the motivation behind Rayna.

So, what do you think? Drop us a line!