Using your Romi Trimmer

Using your Romi Trimmer

Here’s the TLDR

Trim Dry.

For the trimmer to work best, your hair should be standing up and dry

Stand Up.

The direction you trim (up-down vs left-right) depends on the direction of hair growth. Go with the direction that makes the hair stand up (rather than lay flat) as you move the trimmer across it

Make a Connection.

Blades should be touching your skin-- you can change the length of hair by adding a guard or using a different head

She’s a Solo Artist.

To reduce bacterial spread, Rayna Trimmer should be used ONLY on your pubic hair

Get ready to trim!

Try using the trimmer before you shower-- we find that the best customer results come when you trim dry because the hair stands up and is easier for the trimmer to cut. 

If your pubic hair is about an inch (about two fingers width) or longer, add one of the guards to the trimmer head by turning the trimmer over (power button down), laying the guard on top of the trimmer blades, and sliding it down so that it snaps into the grooves on the sides of the trimmer head. Now that you have the guard on, it’s time to trim! 

If your pubic hair is shorter than an inch, you can skip this step and move on to the next step! 

Decide what style you are going for to know if you will be leaving any hair. When you start to trim, try moving the trimmer against the grain of the hair, which means you are likely moving the trimmer up towards your belly button. The Romi trimmer has multiple heads that will allow precision styling, and each may work best for you in different ways. Try moving left to right as well to get your desired look. You will need to see what works for you!

Get down to the skin (if that’s your vibe)

If you’d like to further remove hair with more precision, (for example, if you want to keep a patch of hair on the vaginal mound (mons pubis), but shave the rest of the hair on the vaginal mound and in between your legs (labia majora), try the foil head.

Thankfully, the foil shaver makes it impossible to cut yourself. 

The foil head should be placed flat on your skin and can be moved in any direction to trim hair down to the skin. The result of the foil head will be similar to a shave with a razor.

When you trim the hair on your labia majora, hold your labial folds to one side and trim back to front and outside to inside.

For specific shaping on any length hair, try the straight precision head. The precision head should be held with the blades against the skin and can be used with or without a guard.

To switch the head of your Romi trimmer, make sure it’s off, then twist the head one click counter-clockwise so the triangles align, and pull the head straight out of the handle. To attach a new head, align the triangle with the O, twist one click clockwise until it is secured in place.

Final touches

When you are done trimming, brush the excess hairs off your trimmer. Be sure to use a gentle soap around your vulva, and follow up grooming with a moisturizer if that is part of your routine. 

To reduce the chance of bacterial spread, your Rayna Trimmer should be used only on your pubic hair.

Storage and use recommendations

You can use your trimmer as often as desired.

Rinse or brush any hair off the trimmer, and dry completely.

Store your Rayna Trimmer in a cool, dry place.

Charge as indicated on the device.